Sunday, 2 January 2011

Some books to know Lisp and...

Here there's a list about books dealing with Lisp:

  • Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition - G. L. Steele
  • Guida all'uso del linguaggio LISP - C. Queinnec
  • Practical Common Lisp - P. Seibel
  • Land of LISP - C. Barsky
  • The Algorithm Design Manual - S. Skiena
  • Intelligenza artificiale: un approccio moderno (volume 1 e 2) - S. Russel, P. Norvig

Here there's a list about books dealing with electrical machinery models  and numerical analysis  algorithms:

  • Numerical Recipes in c - a.a.v.v.
  • Numerical Solution of Initial-Value Problems in Differential-Algebraic Equations - K. E. Brennan, S. L. Campbell, L. R. Petzold
  • Computer Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations and Differential-Algebraic Equations - U. Ascher, L. R. Petzold
  • Metodi dell'analisi numerica - G. Pesamosca
  • Algoritmi dell'algebra lineare: appunti dalle lezioni - L. Gori, G. Pesamosca
  • Elettrotecnica I e II - M. D'Amore
  • Analisys of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems - P. C. Krause, O. Wasynczuk, S. D. Sudhoff
  • Macchine Elettriche - A. E. Fitzgerald, C. Kingsley Jr., A. Kusko

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